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     Be it resolved Mayor and Council of the Borough of Chesilhurst, County of Camden, State of New Jersey that the following are the designated Council Committee appointments for year 2016:
Committees Director Liason
Events Garnett Garnett, Waters, Venable, Plaza, Alwan, Representatives of Grant AME, First Baptist, B'nai Brith and Town & Country Community, Commu nity Memebers
Safety/Police Department   Garnett 
Revenue & Finance   Chew
Recreation   Alwan 
Ordinance/Legislative Tax Title Lien   Soto, Waters 
Cable Television/Website    Chew
Board of Health   Soto, Waters
Senior Citizens/Office of Aging   Garnett
Emergency Services   Hirn, Chew
Planning/Zoning Board   Alwan
Economic Development   Mayor and All Council Members
C.C.M.U.A.   Waters
Rent Control Board   Hirn
Drug Alliance   Soto
Public Works   Blunt, Hirn
Personnel Committee   Chew, Garnett, Hirn
Historical Committee   Chew, Alwan, Waters
Hispanic Committee  


Education   Waters
modified 1/10/16

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